Business Agreement That Has Been Signed Crossword

Incantations – A letter ordering a sheriff or other officer to inform a designated person that legal action has been taken against him. In the case of a citation, a person may come on a specific date to respond to a complaint. Counter-recourse – Defendant`s appeal in an action against the complainant. A counterclaim does not respond or challenge the applicant`s appeal, but makes an independent claim against the applicant, resulting from the same transaction or event that led to the applicant`s original claim. Moral Turpitude – A basic, despicable or high-level dishonesty or act. A crime of moral turpitude is defined as a crime that demonstrates the deracity in the private and social duties that an individual owes to others and to society in general. Misappropriation review – hearing of a witness by a party after the witness has been cross-heard by the opposing parties. Cancellation – If the court annuls a marriage because of pre-existing conditions that would have prevented a valid marriage. Res Ipsa Loquitur — this thing speaks for itself. Teaching writes negligence to a defendant without the complainant actually proving negligence. Use is limited to cases where the applicant`s violation was entirely under the defendant`s control and the breach could only have been caused by negligence of the defendant. In person – By reference to the jurisdiction a court obtains over a natural or other unit. The duty to contribute – The concept that a plaintiff suing a defendant for negligence is not entitled to claim damages if he has committed an act of negligence that contributed to the injury suffered.

See also comparative negligence. Grand Jury – a number of citizens whose duties are to receive criminal complaints and charges, to hear the evidence, to determine whether there is a probable cause of a misdemeanour, and to lay charges when it is decided that a trial should take place. Master – A court official, usually a lawyer appointed by the court to assist him in certain judicial functions that may occur in a case, for example. B a matter of internal relations. These tasks may include testifying and making a report and a recommended result to the court. Cross-examination – The hearing of a witness in a trial by a party who did not designate the witness as his or her witness. Nolo Contendere – (in Latin: I will not challenge it) A plea entered in the accused`s criminal proceedings, which indicates that the Crown has sufficient evidence to establish a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the accused; However, this is not an admission or a refusal.