Residential Tenancy Agreement (Fixed Term Tenancy) Alberta

A tenancy agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant (or tenant) that defines the rules that both parties will follow. Leases are also called leases or leases. If a landlord intends to carry out major renovations requiring the emptying of rental land, or if the lessor intends to convert the premises into a condo, the landlord must give the tenant one year`s notice to terminate the periodic lease. Major renovations do not include painting, flooring replacement or routine maintenance. Leases generally contain conditions of the Housing Act. For example, leases often contain information about when and why it is possible to inform about the termination of a rental agreement, which is a legal matter. If you wish to move before the temporary rent expires, you may have to pay rent until the end of the lease. The law requires the landlord to make reasonable efforts to rent the premises, even if you break the lease, but if no tenant is found, you will probably have to pay the rent until the end of the rent. You may be able to find another person you can sublet or allocate your temporary rent. However, you will be held responsible for any breach of rental conditions by the person to whom you sublet or give in.

The lessor can only refuse to consent to an assignment if there is sufficient reason to do so. When the landlord informs you of a periodic rent, the landlord must indicate the written reasons why the tenancy agreement is terminated, indicate the premises, indicate the date on which the tenant must move and indicate the termination period as follows: The law on rental housing is always applied on any agreement that the landlord and the tenant himself enter into. If the law is silent on a particular subject, landlords and tenants can accept something as long as it is not illegal. For example, the lease will generally include conditions to determine whether pets are admitted, which is not covered by law. Owners and tenants are free to enter into their own pet agreements. If you have set a temporary rent due to certain dates, the lease automatically ends when the fixed-term lease is completed. There is no notification from the owner or yourself if you move. If you wish to be terminated at the end of the fixed-term lease, the terms of the contract must be included in the lease or lease agreement. The Tenant Checklist (PDF, 113 KB) gives new tenants important questions that they can ask their landlords before signing a contract.

A tenant has, for example. B, a monthly rent that lasts from the first day of the month until the last day of the month. If, on June 2, the tenant announces the termination on June 30, the lease will end on July 31. For example, a landlord and tenant may agree that the 2-year fixed tenancy agreement applies from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013. The lease automatically expires on December 31, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. No notice of termination is required by the landlord or the tenant. The landlord or tenant is not obliged to resign to end a temporary rent. It is polite that the landlord or tenant should make a reminder before the end of the tenancy agreement. If you are moving out of your rented premises, you must inform your landlord. The notice period depends on the nature of the lease. Either the landlord or tenant can end a periodic rent by termination.

Most periodic leases are month-to-month, but can also be done from week to week or year after year. The owner must pay your deposit with interest within 10 days of extracting the property.