Uwinnipeg Collective Agreements

The UWSA has not given a reason for these drastic measures and most students at the University of Winnipeg are not aware of these collective bargaining that take place directly at their university. Help University of Winnipeg Students` Association staff secure a fair collective agreement. Send your message today! “What do you think we can`t fire?” This seminar is aimed at executives and line managers and exposes them to certain tariff constraints in a unionized environment. It will also provide a framework for the management of workers under the collective agreement and the promotion of positive labour relations, which is essential for productive employment. UWSA employees don`t want that to happen, so they need your help. Another conciliation date is 10 June – if it is not possible to reach an agreement, a strike or lockout is possible. This could affect payments for Winnpeg University daycare workers, Sole Used Bookstore fossies and Information Booth staff. It could also interrupt the management of Green Shield`s performance plan for students. Students must bring a copy of the Quick Guide to Employment Standards Letters of Agreement – UWFA Regular Academic Staff Unit If an agreement cannot be reached by conciliation, a strike or lockout is possible If you have any questions about your collective agreement, please contact Lisa McGifford. This agreement was imposed on the parties by the Manitoba Labour Council on January 26, 2017. The UWSA wants to significantly increase management`s authority under the contract and significantly reduce sick leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave and workers` vacation benefits. They also strive to increase working time with each wage increase.

(www.gov.mb.ca/labour/standards/doc,quick_guide,factsheet.html) Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, known as the “Union” in part two, have been in negotiations with the UWSA since February and are now in conciliation to develop a new contract. However, these negotiations are different from those seen by the local over the past 28 years. The UWFA recommends that its members familiarize themselves with the following collective agreements, shared by unit: Send a message to UWSA President Rorie McLeod Arnould or call him at 204-786-9778.