Voting Agreement Schedule 13D

(1) Name of registrants – Include the full legal name of any person for whom the report is filed, that is, anyone who must sign the calendar himself, including each member of a group. Do not give the name of a person who is to be identified in the report but who is not a reporting person. Point 6. Contracts, agreements, agreements or relationships relating to the issuer`s securities. Describe all contracts, agreements, agreements or relationships (law or otherwise) between the persons covered in point 2 and between these persons and any person with respect to the issuer`s securities, including, but not limited to, the transfer or coordination of securities, research fees, joint ventures, loan or option agreements, withdrawals, guarantees, guarantees , sharing profits or losses, or by giving or reserving voting rights to persons with whom such contracts, agreements, agreements or relationships have been concluded. Include this information for all mortgaged or otherwise mortgaged securities that would give another person a right to vote or invest in those securities, except that disclosure of standard defects and similar provisions contained in credit contracts is not mandatory. For a variety of reasons, investors may decide to buy a large number of shares in a publicly traded company. For example, they could be activist investors attempting a hostile takeover, institutional investors who think the stock is undervalued, or a dissenting investor considering proxy competition to control the vote or replace management. Point 3. Source and amount of funds or other consideration. Include the source and amount of funds or other consideration used or intended for use in purchases and whether a portion of the purchase price is represented or represented by a description of the transaction and the names of the parties, a description of the transaction and the names of the parties. To the extent that the material is available, this information should also be provided for previous acquisitions that had not previously been notified in accordance with this regulation. If the source of all or part of the funds is a loan made in the course of an ordinary transaction by a bank within the meaning of Section 3, (a) (6) of the Act, the name of the bank is not made available to the public if the person requests it in writing and makes such a request at the time of the filing of the statement.

designation of such a bank with the Secretary of the Commission. If the securities were purchased differently by purchase, describe the type of acquisition. Failure to disclose the information requested in this calendar may result in civil or criminal proceedings against those involved for violating federal securities laws and regulations. Submitting people can meet requirements (13D calendar, 13G or TO) by referring to an object on the front page, to avoid unnecessary reproductions. This approach can only be used if the cover element or articles contain the full amount of disclosure required for the calendar item. In addition, such use of a covert article will result in the section being considered “subject” to Section 18 of the Securities Exchange Act or subject to other commitments in this section of the Act. Point 7.